Are you finding your mental health is being affected by the current situation? Many people are. Anxiety and stress are problems for large numbers of our population here in the UK. Coping with uncertainty is very hard.

I use a variety of techniques to treat anxiety and stress. One size doesn’t fit all, but relaxation skills can help everyone. I always teach clients to relax because everyone can benefit, whatever the reason they have come to see me.

Most people think anxiety and stress are in the mind. Our thoughts play a big part, but it isn’t that simple. If you feel anxious or stressed, pay attention to your body. You’ll be surprised at how tensed up it is. When I point this out to them, most clients try really hard to relax. Have you ever had a doctor or a dentist, who is about to perform some unpleasant procedure say ‘just relax’? We may try, but mostly we all stay as tense as we were when we came into the surgery. Relaxation is all about not trying!

Physical tension and stress and anxiety go together. Perhaps you’ve been concentrating on what is going on in your head – trying to get rid of those anxious thoughts. But a great way to approach it is by working on relaxation skills. You can’t be anxious if you are completely physically relaxed – it just isn’t possible.

I’ve found that teaching relaxation skills to people who are anxious really helps them to feel better.

You can learn via online group classes or with individual lessons. If you’d like to learn, send me a message.