Sports Performance Improvement

Sport may be a physical activity, but what goes on in our mind affects the body and how well we perform. If we lose confidence in our ability to make that putt, or run that extra second faster, we’re unlikely to succeed. Professional sportsmen and sportswomen know how much the mind affects performance and they hire sports psychologists to help them.

Hypnotherapy is an excellent way of improve the thinking part of your performance. It uses visualisation and motivational techniques to get your mind as fit as your body.

Hypnotherapy is suitable for any sport, either individual or team:


Perhaps you want to improve your golf

Maybe your ball skills could be better

Have you lost your motivation to improve your running times?

Perhaps you’ve lost your riding confidence after a fall

I can help with these or any sport.

If you’re also struggling with chronic pain that is holding you back, hypnotherapy can help with that too.

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